I look for a meta-level of bioregional identification:
the bioregion is my window on the planetary biosphere
and the means for participating in it.

~Peter Berg


Bioregions are geographic areas having common characteristics of soil, watershed, climate, native plants and animals that exist within the whole planetary biosphere as unique and contributive parts.

A bioregion refers both to geographical terrain and a terrain of consciousness -- to a place and the ideas that have developed about how to live in that place.

A bioregion can be determined initially by use of climatology, physiography, animal and plant geography, natural history and other descriptive resonance among living things and the factors that influence them which occurs specifically within each separate part of the planet.

Discovering and describing that resonance is a way to describe a bioregion.

Peter Berg & Raymond Dasmann
Reinhabiting a Separate County
Planet Drum Foundation, 1978