On April 4, 1995, I did a quick search on YAHOO.
I entered in the form field two words:
deep ecology, then clicked SEARCH.

In a few moments a dialogue box appeared:

Sorry, no matches were found containing all of the substrings (deep, ecology)

Haven was created to change that. Surprisingly, searching four years later on January 27, 1999, YAHOO still has only 4 links for this essential topic. Alta Vista is doing alot better with 4007. Let's do what we can to organize a path through the best of these materials. Help create a place on the web where people who want to contribute to a global understanding of deep ecology principles and practices can find resources, support, and colleagues. --cl


"The essence of deep ecology is to ask deeper questions."

--Arne Naess,
quoted by Bill Devall and George Sessions
in Deep Ecology, 1985, p. 74