About the photographer, Dr. Stuart Posner

A graduate of Bard College, Stuart Posner has practiced medicine in Phoenix, Arizona for over twenty years. His interest in photography, however, began at a much earlier time in his life. As a young boy growing up in New York City, "brownie" hawkeye and early model Polaroid camera snapshots of family, friends, and neighborhood landmarks served as the introduction to the magic of being able to freeze a moment in time on film. Throughout his college and post-graduate years, picture taking remained an important recreational diversion when time allowed and included, as it has for so many young amateurs with limited space and funding, the requisite "bathroom as darkroom" experience.

During the past decade, as photography evolved into a more significant means of self expression, Stuart embarked on both a literal and figurative journey of artistic discovery. This quest has resulted in worldwide travel in the pursuit of extraordinary wildlife and landscape imagery. From the Russian Arctic to the Antarctic Peninsula and all the latitudes in between, he has assembled a major collection of animal portraiture in natural habitats. This effort to realize on the two dimensional film plane the sense of a wild creature's essence and how it relates to its environment remains a continuing challenge and preoccupation of this natural-world photographer. He believes the subject's eyes provide a unique window into this relationship and as such they are often rendered as a focal point of the composition. It is hoped that as the viewer encounters these images she or he will be similarly transfixed.