ONE with that buck

My story begins one evening when i go to bed feeling incredibly sad at the state of the world. Something tells me to sink into it so I sink into an oily black well until i reach the bottom. suddenly little bubbles of joy begin to rise and I am at once feeling deep sorrow and deep joy simultaneously. i go to sleep thinking that is a new feeling.

A few days later I am driving to work and meet a funeral cortege coming toward me. I immediatly sink into the new sorrow/joy feeling but as I ascended into the foothills I realized that this wasn't a feeling, it was a sense of BEING both sorrow and joy. As i drove further on this road i take daily, suddenly a 4 pronged buck leaped in front of my car and dashed up the hill on the other side of the road. I was immediately ONE with that buck. When i got to work I tried to speak of the incident but of course i couldn't as there were absolutely no words for the experience.

=Barbara Vogl=