two crows

I was with my friend, Jackie, in Sedona, Arizona and were sitting at a "power spot." We were well separated, but could see each other. Jackie is a very special friend; over 30 years! And a friend who had her 20 year old son, James, die in the same year as my 20 year old son Miles died.

Jackie and I were living far from each other when our sons died. After they moved from Pasadena, California, we communicated mostly via Xmas cards. We immediately re-connected at a very deep inner place after that unforgettable year of 1980. We now feel as sisters of the mysteries; what more could sisters go through to connect at a soul level?

We sat there; Jackie gathering all the energies from that beautiful vortex area and feeling them, and I sat there, gathering all the energies and wondering if I would ever be attuned enough to actually feel energies. Then, I spotted two beautiful large crows standing on a cliff across the small valley from us. They talked to each other and the world for a long time, hopping around now and then. I watched them, in complete silence, not knowing if Jackie had even seen or heard them.

And Jackie had thought that perhaps I was in deep meditation with my eyes closed, or looking in a different direction. We reported to each other this story after we came together again.

The two crows had caught both of our attention; they were beautiful! And they seemed to play together, hopping around, flying up into a juniper tree for a moment, gliding back to the ground, chattering as crows do. We watched them for many minutes, in a rather mesmerized state, filled with mystery and the beauty of the red rocks of Sedona.

Then all of a sudden, the crows decided to leave; and flew together right in front of us, from east to west. The quiet was so complete that we could hear the air flow through their wings as they gently flapped them. What a sight, what a sound!

As we talked, still sitting on the rocks, but now together, we both remarked about the crows flying in front of us. It felt as if it were a reminder that life continues even though we both felt that our hearts had been torn out of us back in 1980. Our healing from that year had progressed well, and the crows helped our healing even more.

"It is not god who will save us --
it is we who will save God,
by battling, by creating, and
by transmuting matter into spirit.

But all our struggle may go lost.
If we tire, if we grow faint of spirit,
if we fall into panic,
then the entire Universe becomes imperiled.

Life is a crusade in the service of God.
Whether we wished to or not,
we set out as crusaders to free
that God buried in matter and in ourselves."

"The Saviors of God"
by Nikos Kazantzikis

=Contributed by Marjorie Erway=