Dear Claudia and all friends gathered

I am working on a mesa. The word literally means table in Spanish. But a mesa is also the term used for the main focus of a ritual. A mesa consists of amulets. Amulets that are very personal and give you power. These amulets engage the forces of nature.

Rules for making a mesa:
Select a very special cloth. Something that is preferably hand woven.

Select objects that give you power. Not power in the traditional sense but power to navigate and be a part of the earth. The power that lets you walk without casting a shadow.

The objects that you select should be balanced. In the Andes as in Asian cultures beauty is found in black and white, like the yin and yang. So make sure that your amulets reflect life and death, male and female, left and right, wet and dry, etc.

Arrange the objects on the cloth honoring the balance of the objects. The balance of nature.

Say a prayer to the four directions: North, South, East, West and then remember to thank Pachamama, mother earth and Inti the sky.

If possible have a fire where you can hold your amulets and receive their wisdom and power.

With love,