In my web wanderings, I found my way to an extraordinary discussion list--the CCL-LLC list, started in February, '99. The list members have written a book online about Cooperative Community Lifelong Learning Centers, called Creating Learning Communities. A rainbow of variations on this model are coming to life in communities all over the world -- the book tells their stories.

Helen Hegener, publisher of Home Education Magazine writes in the first post to the list, "I believe community learning centers are an important step in the ongoing evolution of education, and I also believe they could be a key bridge between the homeschooling community and other forms of public and private education. I'm looking forward to some thoughtful discussion on this list."

Bill Ellis, editor and publisher of TRANET, and list facilitator writes (2/12/99): "Homeschooling, alternative education, and life-long learning have been one of the areas of TRANET interest for the last 20 years. I have had growing interest in the concept as an example of spontaneous self-organization. And as a model of how the future may be shaped not by the trends of today, but by "flapping butterfly wings," small unnoticed phenomena that break radically with the status quo. This was one of the themes of my E.F.Shumacher Society Lecture.

There is no time in the history of humankind that a radical transformation of society was needed, and was happening. I hope this listserv will lead the way."

The lively discussion and challenge of collaborating in writing a book online drew me in. I contributed the chapter called "Haven, A Collaborative Lifelong Cyber-Learning Community" and am now co-facilitating the evolution of the website with some of the other team members. You can visit the Creating Learning Communities website and book in process. And if you'd like to join the list, click here. Let us know what you think of the book so far...
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(If you are interested in creating an online learning community, the Edge-ucation Matrix of Haven offers eight week introductory Journeys in how to get started, or the more in-depth Edge-ucator's Path design apprenticeship. Visit The Edge-ucation Matrix for more information.)

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