NEXUS is our online learning community directory and network. It serves the purpose of connecting online learning communities with each other to share resources and support. It also connects the online learning communities with individuals, families, edge-ucators, and local learning centers seeking to participate in creative learning communities. Descriptions of member online learning communities are provided with links to their websites. The Haven facilitators continually review and feature the work of visionary learning communities in the Edge-ucation Zone of the Haven web center, the Interconnect e-newsletter, and the PATTERNS newsletter (the PATTERNS learning community is a founding member of NEXUS). Participants of online learning communities in the network are invited to share their stories, image-inations and projects in the different zones of Haven. Members are welcome to use the Haven Dialogue Zone for their conversations and study circles. To help support NEXUS, learning communities in the network contribute a $45 annual membership fee. Email us if you are interested in becoming a network member.

Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory Network (STCT)

The systems thinking and chaos theory forum explores the evolutionary cosmology and the emergence of new science which includes the human spirit. It recognizes the importance of creativity and imagination in a re-enchantment of learning and teaching. It supports the development of a design culture in which we learn to create our futures. As of March, 2000 STCT is beginning a listserv for dialogue and exploration. Email moderator Barbara Vogl if you'd like to participate. Barbara Vogl publishes the bi-monthly journal PATTERNS.

Theater of Restoration

The Theater of Restoration facilitates the use of performance art for environment restoration in homeschool education. Explore excerpts from the guide book "Bringing Nature to Life" written by learning facilitator Nanda Currant.