Credits, Gratitude, Appreciation

Lior Saar, strange angel who appeared at the perfect moment

Fen Labalme, for hosting the domains and pointing the way

Matisse Enzer, for being my first html mentor, and sharing an appreciation for Christopher Alexander

David Ray, Perl diver, bringing interactivity to life with CGI bin scripts. Building the vehicle to transport Jennifer's magnificent KEI to cyberspace. Thanks for the hours of html coaching that got me on my way

Dan Mapes, Gaian extraordinaire, snake charmer, dervish, cowboy

Zohara Mapes, this web's for you

Cynthia Cunningham Baxter, to a dream come true. I remember the cafe lunch in urbania

Debra Amerson, my first email friend. Plant deva. Co-mentor

Harli Coleman, she who speaks html over sushi, honorary teknofemme

David Pescowitz, it's that Cincinnati wind blowing through our third brain. Can you hear it?

Annie Phyo, oh what fun it is to dance and sing in a beautiful boat on the sea

Jennifer Prugh, she speaks the mother tongue. KEI--an oracle for aspiring gaians

Garrett DeBell, ecologist, thank you for articulating activism

Michael Phillips, for affirming the vision at critical moments

Lucia Grossberger Morales, for friendship earned the hard and only way

Tammy Dunaye, one who has taken edge-ucation to heart, dearest cyberfriend

JOURNEY, Jim Schliestett, and all the residents of the CyberBarn--creating Eden

R.U. Kidding, for the snorkel lesson

Larry Cuba, for exploring the trend line of increasing radness with me

and to Gary Gach who taught the first internet class I ever took, Earth Day, 1994.

--Claudia L'Amoreaux, dreamer of Haven