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The Dialogue Zone & Storyspace is the gathering space of Haven. Here you can contribute to and initiate explorations focused on edge-ucation, right livelihood and deep ecology. You can meet other web wanderers for sychronistic moments in the chatspace. To participate, you will have to go through a simple registration with eGroups. eGroups hosts our dialogues.

Enter your e-mail address. Then click the Join eGroups box. Egroups will immediately send you an e-mail message. Check your email. Click on the blue highlighted URL in the e-mail. Choose a password. That's it. Click on "read the havendialogues messages."

Click the blue button that says LINKS and read the FAQ and the description of dialogues and storyspaces. Click the blue CHAT button and you can join in a synchronous conversation with others gathered.

Egroups automatically signs you up with subscriptions to a few sample groups. You may want to unsubscribe from these. Go to the very top of the page to the eGroups logo. You will see in red the words, My Space. Click. This is where you organize your egroups if you'd like to start your own, or join others in addition to the Haven dialogues. Click the edit button in the upper right. This will bring up a list of the groups you are subscribed to. To unsubscribe, pull down the menu in the subcription column and select remove. It's alot simpler than it sounds.

Register here.

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