For the Dialogues, we have chosen a particular form which has served us well in the many dialogues we have hosted over the years online and offline. That form is simple. We will offer a seed topic to begin a particular dialogue. Seed topics may be suggested by anyone in the Haven community. Because each voice is valued as a necessary piece in articulating the whole emerging vision, it is essential to speak from your heart about your own ideas and responses, rather than critiquing someone else.

We have discovered that in a dialogue the best ideas will speak for themselves. They need no defense. Give it a try. Dialogue is an evolving art and we welcome your contribution to the experiment.

A Dialogue: First Peoples/Sustainable Solutions

Pukanu Village and the Web
A Brazilian Indian community is using the Internet to create sustainable business. Join us in a dialogue about narrowing the information gap between the world's rich and poor with Pukanu Village in the state of Para as a focal point.

Thai Interfaith Solidarity Walks
The indigenous people of northern Thailand (the Karen, Mon, Lahu, Lisu, Akha and others) are engaged in a struggle for the continuance of their way of life. Witness a unique dialogue between elders of these hill tribes and Buddhist monks, Native American elders and global citizens from North America, India, Ireland, Burma, Indonesia...

Post your thoughts, questions, reflections in the First Peoples/Sustainable Solutions dialogue beginning June 21.