From the systems point of view, the understanding of life
begins with the understanding of pattern.

--Fritjof Capra, The Web of Life


We have changed the time of our next real-time gathering, from Oct. 2 to Oct. 9. Sorry for the inconvenience! This will give you plenty of time to register in advance, and familiarize yourself with the chat software. You might even want to invite a friend to test it out with you -- give them this welcome page url and help them register with eGroups. Then feel free to use it for your own PATTERNS community dialogues. We hope to "see" you October 9. If you have any problems with the registration process, please let us know. Ciao!

Welcome to the PATTERNS Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory Community space on Haven. To participate in the PATTERNS real-time gatherings in cyberspace, you will need to go through a simple one time registration process. If you are reading this before our October 9th (5 pm Pacific) gathering, we suggest you do it now. Then you can familiarize yourself with the space. Haven's Dialogue Zone is hosted on the eGroups site. To register, type your email in the field below and click the Join eGroups button to the right. Then follow the process--you are subscribing to havendialogues.

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After you have filled in all the required info in the registration process, eGroups will immediately send you an email to the e-dress you gave. Check your email, open the message from them, and click on the link. This completes the process. You are now registered and can go to the Dialogue Zone. On October 9th, Barbara and Claudia will be waiting to greet you in the Sychronicity Space at 5 pm Pacific time. You will see a dark blue bar of buttons across the top of the Dialogue Zone that says: group info, members, messages, chat, etc. Click the chat button. Be patient. It takes a little while to open (you must have a java-enabled browser--the newer versions of Netscape and IE have this built in). You should see Barbara and CL in the eGroup members box on the top right. That shows we are online in the chat. Type in the long thin box at the bottom and click send. Your words will appear in the chat space. Good luck. It's alot easier than it sounds.

For more info about the Dialogue Zone, start here and then read the FAQ. We invite you to participate in the asynchronous dialogues, especially the ones beginning for the PATTERNS STCT community: patterns-storyspace1:intros and patterns-dialogue1:boundaries.

Register with eGroups right here, and then find your way to a dialogue or storyspace that interests you. Enjoy! We hope to "see" you October 9. And be sure to visit the new home of PATTERNS in the Haven center for global studies. We'll be adding articles from past issues over the weeks to come. Meanwhile, explore the contents of all the back issues and order copies that interest you. Please send us your thoughts and favorite systems thinking urls!

Haven Dialogues & Storyspace
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Current PATTERNS Storyspaces and Dialogues:

patterns-storyspace1:intro (#32)

Welcome to the PATTERNS Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory community space on Haven. This first PATTERNS storyspace is a place to share our stories...what inspires us, what intrigues us, why we chose our particular bioregion as dwelling place, why we read PATTERNS. Stories give us a way to connect here in cyberspace as we begin to bring our community online. Think of this as the fire circle. It's a warm, clear night, the milky way is visible to keep everything in perspective, there's a waning moon in the sky, and we wander in to sit by the fire and see who has traveled the distance to be here.

patterns-dialogue1:boundaries (#34)

Greetings. Let's begin a dialogue about the ideas in the May 1999 PATTERNS newsletter on Boundaries. Editor Barbara Vogl raised boundary issues in connection to the recent school shootings in Littleton, Colorado and Conyers, Georgia. Writes Barbara, "So it seems rather than hiring more police and contraband-sniffing dogs to protect the boundaries of schools, it might be more creative to look at the idea of boundaries from a systems perspective." Phil Gang, founder of The Institute for Educational Studies, an innovative Master of Education program, talked about Changing Boundaries and the Dynamics of Learning. From TRANET came a review of We Build the Road We Travel, about Mondragon, an example of a resilient community. Sherryl Stalinski suggests it may be more meaningful to be a potentialist than an optimist. Claudia L'Amoreaux does some storytelling about edge moments that inspired her vision of the Haven web center and collaborative learning community. And Meg Wheatley closes with a piece reprinted from Tikkun about the amazing grace of Y2K. What ideas set your mind swirling? Let's get a boundaries dialogue going here.