Welcome. You have found your way to a Haven for a different kind of learning. We intend to nurture learning that trusts in paying attention to our deepest interests and follows those interests wherever they may lead.

Our own central interests are ecstatic, realworld paths to lifelong learning, the creation of right livelihood and sustainable businesses, the practice of deep ecology, and the profound interconnection of these three broad topics.

We invite you to discover what draws you in here. There are tools embedded in the architecture of Haven to assist you in connecting with others who share your interests. Use the tools, find your allies, practice collaboration. Share what you find. Become a co-designer, mentor, sponsor, gaian shaman, resident poet or performance artist in this v-space that is Haven.


There are several levels of participation in Haven. If you're here reading, you are probably visiting for the first time.

You'll notice fairly quickly that Haven has three basic zones: Edge-ucation, Right Livelihood and Deep Ecology. Each zone has a Council and Dialogues. The Councils present guest speakers sharing their ideas and projects. The Dialogues are a kind of roundtable exploration of issues presented in the Council and other places in Haven.

We believe that the challenges and problems facing us today require a style of problem solving that calls on the wisdom of the group mind. Dialogue is an art and we actively coach each other in the practice and coevolution of this artform.

To enter in the dialogues, we ask you to take a moment and read an excerpt from David Bohm's writing, On Dialogue. You'll find the Haven Dialogue Zone here.

(We selected eGroups to host our dialogues. They have an easy-to-use environment that offers flexibility in how you participate. You can choose to receive the dialogues via email as individual emails, summary or full digest, or you can read and post totally on the web. Their registration process is extremely simple and we appreciated that. You will need to register with eGroups to post to the dialogues. They have spam filters to protect you from unwanted mail if you choose the email form of participation.)

Dive In.

We offer deeper levels of participation in Haven for those who find a home here. Explore our apprenticeship paths and edge-ucator's path.

If you are a serious fan, you might want to consider becoming a sustaining member. We would welcome your contribution, small or large.

And if you're interested in sponsoring a particular zone of Haven, please email us. We'd love to talk with you. We are looking for sponsors for Teknofemme, Beginner's mind, and The Green Times.

Haven thrives with your participation. Let us know what you think and dream. Your suggestions and contributions will be received with enthusiasm and open arms.