In the Council you can hear the voices of humans who are very thoughtfully considering the central issues of 21st century sustainable business. Their viewpoints are placed here to serve as inspiration and a jumping off point (see the Fool). We are open to suggestions for council speakers, singers, dancers, poets, and especially, jugglers of ideas and visions of the possible.

The Council and the Dialogues are intimately entwined. One plays off the other.

Edwin Datschefski: Greener by Design
ED specialises in the development and promotion of sustainable product design concepts. He publishes The Biothinker weekly e-newletter.

Michael Phillips: Good Business and Open Books
MP is organizer of MasterCard, founder of Briarpatch Network, author of the classicThe Seven Laws of Money and a vocal promoter of Open Books Business...

ZERI: The Zero Emissions Concept
The Zero Emissions Research Initiative is an organization working to create sustainable business solutions on an international level. Because of their comprehensive vision, we have selected them to be in the Council...